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Eight Late-sale Systems of Mechanical Engineering Instruments

“Lifetime Care-Free Service Commitment"establishes a closed matrix covering the whole life cycle of equipment from service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost and quality standards。 It integrates all service behaviors from before customer purchase to during equipment purchase and after equipment operation into a customer demand-oriented value chain, creates a new era of value chain service and reestablishes industry benchmark。。

Service Service
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2019 - 03 - 13
Q: Customer service

Service purpose

We take customer satisfaction as the service purpose, according to the different needs of customers, design excellent solutions, the lowest cost to provide customers with advanced functions, excellent quality products.

Commitment to our customers

Construct the information network service system, perfect the user file database.

Whenever the user asks for it, we will respond as quickly as possible after being notified; when the user needs technical support, we will provide the relevant service 24 hours a day.


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We will contact you as soon as possible.


Service hotline: 4008 821 690

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